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KLIM Ministries

Administration (Government), Outreach

Evangelism, Hospitality

Finance, Youth Empowerment

Helps (Service) Ministry

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   Pastor Petula Johnson-Statham

Pastor, Preacher, Prophetess,

Servant of God


Sunday - Worship Service at 11am EST

     Thursday - Bible Study 7pm-8pm EST

All Service Access:

(Audio/Video Conferencing Available)

Call-In # 205-825-9677

Playback # 757-841-1167

Access Code: 135-837 (Playback only)



Mailing Address:

Kingdom Living International Ministries

P.O. Box 7030

North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902


         North Brunswick NJ, {Online Location}

(All Times Listed Are Eastern Standard Time)


Church Phone: 732-867-6351

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